Do you have jaw pain?

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At Parkway Smiles Dental, we provide numerous forms of treatment that may not just be related to your teeth. Each treatment option we offer and suggest comes with the understanding that we believe it’s the essential and right option for you to find lasting relief.

One service that we provide here at Parkway Smiles Dental is TMJ treatment surgery. This form of surgery is used to help work on the temporomandibular joint, and to help relieve tension, pain and discomfort in and around these jaw joints.

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What is TMJ Treatment?

This treatment option is one that we explore as experts in dental and oral health. If you have ever suffered from problems such as clear clicking noises, then you may have wondered what was the cause of the noise in the first place. Many times, it’s your TMJ that has become damaged or weakened in some form, and may be in need of treatment to help restore and improve it over time.

Many times, these joints that connect the jaw to the skull can become worn, frayed, damaged and/or infected. We come in to help offer a proven solution to this, making sure that you can find relief to the problem as soon as possible and help to stop various forms of jaw pain at source.

As we know the immense pain and difficult often caused by jaw disorders, we work around the clock to find simple and effective treatment options time and time again. With these joints, we look to find a full diagnosis of the problem. When we find the underlying cause of the condition, we can then take the measures needed to make sure that it can be cured and cleansed from the discomfort and pain you feel at present.

Do I Need TMJ Treatment?

TMJ treatment is something that you should consider carefully. The problems that may cause you to look out TMJ treatment can be varied, yet we have all the treatment options that you could need. If your jaw ever feels sore, as if it’s been grating or almost catching when you open your mouth, or if your teeth meet at different times when you go to shut your mouth, you have some of the most common symptoms associated with TMJ issues.

Do you find that you have any kind of frequent head or neck aches, too? This can all be related. Weakness and frailty in the TMJ can become a problem in many more areas than just this one joint. As it causes the problem to cause greater wear and tear elsewhere, you can look to undergo TMJ that involves trying to help provide both self-care treatments to help relieve the tension as well as undergo a treatment plan that can help to slowly but surely cure your jaw of the problems that you face.

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If you are interested in more help and information, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll be more than happy to help you work out if your problems are caused by TMJ issues, or if the underlying problems result from issues elsewhere. 

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