Dental Exams in Calgary

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Dental Exams in Calgary

Keep your smile healthy

Here at Parkway Smiles Dental, our goal is to make sure that you receive a complete dental exam that doesn’t only cover your teeth but looks at every single aspect of your overall oral health. We are firm believers that prevention is the best medicine. By identifying problems early, they can be much easier and less expensive to treat.

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What's included in a dental Exam?

A comprehensive exam is a thorough evaluation of your oral health and sets the foundation for future dental exams. If you want to know what condition your teeth are in, then you can come and see us today. A comprehensive dental exam will include the following:

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Concerned about the price?

Our Clinic FOllows the 2018 Alberta Dental Fee Guide!

To see a full list of prices, click here for more details: 2018 Alberta Dental Association General Practitioner Fee Guide.

Let us help take care of your teeth

There’s no reason to delay any further. At Parkway Smiles Dental, we want you to feel confident about your smile. We will provide you with treatment options that work best for you. So, come and speak to us today; we can create a plan to help you achieve optimal dental health. Contact us at (403) 452-2833 or email us at today to arrange a complete dental exam!