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Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your smile? Here at Parkway Smiles Dental, we are dedicated to helping all of our patients feel their best! Our office can provide you with an extremely affordable and efficient take home tooth whitening solution that’ll change the results of your smile almost instantly!

Benefits of whitening your teeth

There are many different reasons as to why you’d whiten your smile such as: 

As you can see, then, the benefits of having whiter teeth goes beyond mere ego. It can give you a kick in the right direction to really take care of your teeth with your new lease of life!

Whiten your smile today!

What are the risks of teeth whitening?

As with everything, teeth whitening does have some side effects. The most common risks  are gum irritation and tooth sensitivity. Most of the time both of these side effects are usually temporary. Most of the time they don’t last longer than a few days. We also don’t recommend getting your teeth whitened very often because 

How do we reduce those risks at Parkway?

To further reduce the risks associated with teeth whitening, our office offers effective in-office treatment solutions. Our assistants will make sure to carefully place the solution on your teeth. On top of that, the professional whitening solution we provide is much safer than that which you can buy in store. Unlike some of these kits, our gel contains regulated amounts of hydrogen peroxide. 

Do You Need your teeth whitened?

While nobody says you must, at Parkway Smiles Dental we believe that the brightest smile is a white one. 

Used right, this can make a massive difference to the way that you feel. With the right approach, we can help you to make a major change to the way that your teeth look. Through comprehensive cleaning and safe whitening treatments, we’ll help to give you that bright smile that you miss so much back!

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