A dental crown, also known as a cap, is a natural looking, durable covering that is molded to fit perfectly over the top of a damaged or weakened tooth. A crown can be made of either porcelain, zirconia, or gold, and will cover the entire tooth, creating a strong and visually pleasing finish. By protecting your tooth with a crown, you can help to ensure that the tooth stays healthy and is protected from further damage or decay.


Damage from cavities, fractures, cracks, and root canal therapy can cause teeth to become weakened and damaged. If damaged teeth are not sufficiently protected, then they may deteriorate to the point where they need to be removed completely.

If you have a tooth that is either structurally weak or aesthetically damaged, then a Crown is a great solution for both strengthening and visually restoring your tooth.

At Parkway Smiles, we can provide a perfectly fitting crown that will protect your tooth and restore your smile. We can also combine the use of crowns with veneers to make full cosmetic modifications to your teeth.


Similar to crowns, dental onlays cap the top of your tooth, however they do not necessarily cover the whole tooth from front to back. Unlike crowns, onlays only require us to remove the unhealthy parts of your tooth, meaning the healthy parts of your tooth remain intact. Essentially, dental onlays provide the structural support of a crown whilst being more conservative in removing less of the damaged tooth.

At Parkway Smiles Dental we will always attempt to restore your tooth with an onlay as oppose to a crown if possible, as it is a less evasive treatment that preserves more of your natural teeth.

Can I get a Filling Instead?

Composite (white) fillings are a great solution when there is a small cavity or area of the tooth that needs to be restored. However, if the cavity becomes larger, or if the face of your tooth becomes damaged, filling material cannot provide the adequate strength to support the needs of your tooth. Unlike fillings, crowns and onlays are made of stronger materials, and cover the damaged area as oppose to simply filling it. This provides a seal around the tooth which helps it to stay intact. In fact, many studies have shown that a tooth with a crown will last much longer than a tooth with a large filling.

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